Welcome to this Unitarian Universalist congregation! In our Religious Education programs, we invite you and your children to join together in exploring a deeper connection to, and understanding of our Unitarian Universalist faith.

We inhabit a world that has turned its attention away from planetary health, peace, justice and sustainability. One of the greatest gifts of faith we can offer our children is a church community where we turn toward those things, intentionally and with joy. That is the goal of our Religious Education programs for young people. Together we create a place where life, its celebrations and its hardships are never faced alone. Together we build a community where diversity is celebrated, the unexpected embraced and where we can bring our beliefs alive in the world. We create opportunities for children to wonder, to find their own questions, to explore, to seek wisdom and mystery, and to be together in community with others – alike and unlike.

Our program content is selected or designed by the Religious Education committee and professional staff to be most compatible with those goals. It is our commitment to offer experiences of faith in ways that meet the learning and developmental needs of our children.

2017-18 Registration Form

Please contact Rebecca Kelley-Morgan, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, for more information. (rebecca@winchesteruu.org / 781-729-0949)

Family Worship

One of the benefits of having multiple opportunities for worship and community, is that we have multiple ways to share the experience and message of Unitarian Universalism. Family worship services take place Sunday mornings before our usual morning of communal worship and religious education. This worship service is not a repeat of those things, but rather a new opportunity to provide outreach and in-reach. The service is short, about twenty minutes in length, and contains all the elements of worship – hymns, message, community sharing, prayer and meditation; content and structure designed to meet the needs of families with younger children (10 or younger). Who’s invited? Everyone, of course! If you would like to come to church, but can’t make the later service, come at 10:00 am for this one. If you are a young family with little ones you would like to introduce to worship, join us. If you are exploring this faith community, join us. If you want to fill your cup from the well of community, whatever your age, you are welcome. Please check weekly email updates for additional information.