Winchester Unitarian Society

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Winchester Unitarian Society financially.  You can donate at any time by clicking on “donate” and for that we are very grateful. Your generosity supports a caring community devoted to spiritual growth, service, social justice and the environment.

It is very helpful to the church if you can pledge annually.  This year we are handing out informational pledge packets after church on March 4th (mailing any leftover on March 5th) and ask that you return your pledge card at the service on Sunday, March 11th.  If you are unable to attend either of these services, you may pledge online  (pledge form) or return your pledge card to the church as soon as possible.   If we know by March 20th what financial resources will be available, we can develop a fiscal year 2012-2013 budget that maximizes our ability to achieve our vision.

If you want to more about this year’s pledge drive, the church’s finances, what the church’s goals are for this year or how you can pledge, please follow the links on this page.

            2012 Pledge Drive Events and Information
                        Introduction to the Winchester Unitarian Society Finances 
                        Guest Speaker March 4th 
                                Pancake Breakfast March 4th and Chili Cookoff March 11th
                        2012 Pledge Appeal Letter
                        2012 Pledge Information
                        Unitarian Universalist Association Fair Share Giving Guide
            How to Pledge
                        Ways to Pledge and Pay
                        Pledge Form
            Planned Giving        
Planned Giving and Bequest Options

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