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Sunday, January 24th:
"Choose to Bless the world"
A History of Social Action by 
the Winchester Unitarian Society  
With the Rev. Heather K. Janules
Worship Associates:  Lee Barton and Martin Newhouse
Throughout WUS's 150 years, the congregation has responded to the call to live out its values of justice-making, revisiting this sacred obligation in every era. This service will reflect on the diverse ways the Winchester Unitarian Society has resisted cynicism and despair and chosen to "bless the world" through generosity, service and witness.

Religious Education

Family Worship: This Sunday - The Weight of a Snowflake

Wanted - Chalice Lighters! Thanks to everyone who has signed up, but there's still room for YOU! If you have a special occasion or life passage, it's a wonderful way to honor such in our weekly liturgy.  Words can be provided for you, or you may provide your own. Sign-ups are here.    

This is the final week of Jan Fest. As with the previous three Sunday morning's, we'll be mixing up the groups and exploring all sorts of ways to be together in a creative learning community. After the time for all ages, we'll meet briefly in the Main Street foyer for the "sorting" of the children. This week's Jan Fest offerings - Ping Pong, Sword "Play", De-engineering, and Cooking. 
F8th in Action: Meets Sunday 3:30-5:00 Michelson Room.  Retreat Debrief, and liturgical gear.
Our Whole Lives: Meets 4:30-6:00 in the Wallace Room  

A Note from your Pastoral Care Associates (PCAs)

Beginning in December, the Pastoral Care Associate serving the congregation on Sunday mornings will be seated in a front pew of the sanctuary after the service in order to provide a quiet space for conversation.
We hope you will come by, whether to share a concern, joy, or sorrow, or simply to say "hello" if we haven't had an opportunity to talk one-on-one. And, for those of you still wondering, "What's a PCA?", stop by and we will answer your question/s.
The PCAs: Dennis Brett, Sara Delano, Kate Ebbott, Karen Erikson, Barbara Keyes, John Loewy, Jo Morgan, Carole Nassif, Donna Reed, and Maria Shepherd.
Upcoming Events:

Jazz Around the World
Mark your calendars and please join us on Friday, January 29th, at 8:00 p.m. for "Jazz in the Sanctuary," featuring a sextet of some of Boston's hottest jazz musicians! This year's concert, "Jazz Around the World," takes you on a worldwide tour. Join us as we travel from "A Night in Tunisia" to "April in Paris." Refreshments follow the concert. Please help us spread the word!  
And, for those of you who would still like to sponsor this year's concert series, a table will be set up in the coffee room this Sunday to receive concert series sponsorship donations. Bring your check book!

Photo Directory

Our last photo directory was 2005, so we're due for an update! 
We are looking for a current photo of your entire family.  It doesn't have to be a formal portrait, but the faces should be distinguishable and close up, not full body standing poses.  Please send a photo as a JPEG attachment to with the subject 'Directory'.  In the email, list your full name and the names of the family members from left to right. Feel free to be creative - include your pets!  

Employee Relations Committee
We are pleased to announce that Woody Wood has joined the Employee Relations Committee and we now have a full contingent. As you may remember the Employee Relations Committee was formed as a by law committee in 2014 with the following charge:
Section 1. Duties
The Employee Relations Committee shall work collaboratively with the Standing Committee, staff-related By-Law Committees (Music Committee, Religious Education Committee, Youth Advisory Committee, Growth and Learning Committee), staff-related annual committees, staff members, and minister, as needed, to address concerns of the Society's employees and, correspondingly, recommend resolutions in accordance with the Society's Personnel Policy Manual. Specific duties of this committee shall include:

1.  Annually review the Society's Personnel Manual and make policy recommendations to the Standing Committee to ensure best practices in employee relations.

2.  At the request of the employee, including an employee who is a supervisor, conduct a review and make recommendations to resolve grievances in accordance with the Society's Personnel Policy Manual. All communications and proceedings will be conducted in a confidential manner.

3.  At least annually, contact each staff member and minister to invite them to share their suggestions for constructive improvement in employee relations.

We have been working hard to clarify our roles in relationship to the WUS community and to develop approaches to carry out our responsibilities.  We are currently reaching out to all employees on behalf of the ERC for an annual check-in.  We even have a picture of our current committee members to share with you!  Please feel free to be in touch with any of us with questions that you may have about our mission or suggestions about best practices in employee relations.
Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz,
Patty Shepard,
and George "Woody" Wood,
Current Members of the Employee Relations Committee

We have been challenged to offer 150 Acts of Kindness to the wider community by May 1st, 2016. Here is an example of one of our first acts: "Offered food, delivery and companionship to home bound people on Thanksgiving."
Contributing towards our goal of 150 Acts is easy! 
  1. Find one way to be of service - something above-and-beyond your usual ways of being kind but not overly ambitious - and take action. Could you assist a neighbor, pick up trash from your neighborhood, visit someone in a nursing home? How do you feel called to be of service?
  2. Then, in a few words, write down your act and post it on the AOK board in the Symmes Room.
  3. In a few more words, tell the story in the AOK record book, next to the AOK board, so we can keep track of our community's Acts. You may list your name or remain anonymous.
  4. Take an "AOK" sticker and place it on your nametag. Look for others wearing the AOK sticker. What was their act? Tell the story!
Questions? Contact Rev. Heather at 

Rev. Heather (Still) Wants to Meet You!
As announced in the Fall, I aim to meet with all members and friends of WUS this year. I have enjoyed many wonderful conversations and look forward to more!
By my calculations, I have met with 7% of the congregation, suggesting that there are many more meetings to schedule to reach 100%! So I heartily encourage you to contact Master Scheduler, Gordy McIntosh, and make an appointment. Please let him know if you prefer to be part of a group discussion or to have a 1:1 meeting. He can be reached
Here is a reprint of the times set aside to accommodate these meetings. (Note that the 3rd Wednesday of the month has been exchanged for the 4th Wednesday of the month.) If you are not available during any of these time slots, please contact me directly. I would be happy to find an alternative time:
     1st Wednesday of the month at 2:00 or 3:00 pm
     2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 or 7:00 pm
     2nd Thursday of the month at 11:00 am or 1:00 pm
     4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm (group conversation)
     4th Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm (group conversation)
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
- Rev. Heather

And much more . . . 
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Joys, Sorrows, and Transitions 

If you are facing a time of joy, sorrow or transition in your life, your minister is available to offer a listening ear, compassionate presence and, if applicable, resources.  To reach the Rev. Heather Janules, call the church at 781-729-0949 and choose voice mail (option 1) to leave a message. The outgoing message provides a cell phone number to call in case of a time-sensitive or emergency situation.