Dine-Around FAQ’s

What exactly IS Dine-Around?

It is the church’s only fundraiser this year.  Ten generous church members host extravagant, theme-centered dinners at their homes AND at the church. People buy tickets to attend the dinners and support the church.

We have friends we think would enjoy an evening like this, but they go to a different church.  Are they invited?  

ABSOLUTELY!  The Dine-Around is open to anyone who attends our church and their friends.

I’m new and didn’t get an invitation.  Can I still sign up?

Of course!  This is a great way to get to know other people in our church community.  There are Reservation forms on the Dine-Around table in the Symmes Room behind the Sanctuary.  

Will the hosts be able to accommodate my food preferences?    

We have given the hosts total flexibility to craft their dinners, choosing to address specific food concerns on an individual basis.  Vegetarians might consider the “Odyssey” dinner on Nov 4 or the “Vegetarian Epicure” lunch on Oct 29.  

What will the money raised from this be used for?

Because pledges alone do not cover the operating budget for the church, we rely on annual fundraisers like this to supplement the budget to pay basic line items such as: staff salaries, building heat, electricity and maintenance, and social outreach.

Can I attend more than one dinner?

Definitely!  We hope you will…but sign up early to make sure you get a reservation for the dinners you want.





Venue summary

~October 21~

Doctor Zhivago:  Elegant sit-down dinner $125./

The Secrets of Winsor House: Casual buffet at the church $75./

Pickwick Club: Elegant sit-down dinner  $125./

~October 28~

Dracula: Elegant sit-down dinner $125./

Schnitzel mit Victor: Elegant sit-down dinner $125./

~October 29 (lunch)~

Vegetarian Epicure: Casual buffet $75./

~November 4~

Quoth the Raven: Elegant sit-down dinner $125./

Midnight in Paris: Elegant sit-down dinner $125./

An Unexpected Party: Elegant sit-down dinner $125./

The Odyssey: Elegant sit-down dinner $125./

We would like to attend one of the “elegant” dinners, but don’t want to dress formally.  How elegant is elegant?

“Elegant” is NOT about attire, but about the number of courses and how the meal is served.  People attending an elegant dinner will be seated at a table and served different courses.  The casual cuisines will be buffet style, serve yourself.  For any event, come dressed how you feel comfortable.

Will alcoholic beverages be served at each venue?

Each host is planning wines or other alcoholic beverages to complement the theme of the dinner, but non-alcoholic beverages will be served at all venues, as well.  

I have children and am not sure I can find a baby-sitter.

No problem!  WUSYG youth have generously offered their baby-sitting services for Oct 28th and Nov 4th FREE OF CHARGE! Contact Julie Khuen if you need a sitter.