The Winchester Unitarian Society Youth Group, or WUSYG, is a group of high school youth, grades 9-12 who come together to form a community: mutually supportive and free from social pressure.

We emphasize service to our society, fostering a spirit of togetherness and developing intellectual leadership skills and moral character.

WUSYG meetings consist of lively discussions about personal and world events, and activities designed to build trust, strengthen bonds and help us on our search for spiritual meaning during a pivotal point in our lives.

WUSYG has been around for many years and is continually growing in every way. This year there are approximately 60 youth who actively participate in the many things we do.


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For more information, please contact or contact DYM Sam Wilson at

Parents/Families, please complete this Mandatory Youth Registration and Medical Consent “Google Form” so that your high schooler may participate in WUSYG for the 2016/2017 Program Year.