This Sunday, January 21st at 12:00 PM

Tell your minister what you expect

You know what a performance review is, right? Your manager rates you, tells you whether your performance “meets expectations.” Or maybe (if you’ve been really good) “exceeds expectations.”

Lots of people hate performance reviews. Not our minister. Heather wants annual performance reviews. She wants to know how she’s doing and how she can improve. She wants to know if she is meeting our expectations.

But what are those expectations? What does the congregation expect?

The Committee on Shared Ministry cordially invites you to an after-church meeting at 12 noon THIS COMING SUNDAY, JANUARY 21, 2018. Come tell us (and Heather) what your expectations are. We’ll give a quick outline of the review process and share with you the results of Heather’s performance review from last year, then launch into an exploration of your wants and expectations. It’ll be fun. Please come.

The Committee on Shared Ministry (CoSM): Lee Barton, Dave McVey, Fritzie Nace,

Martin Newhouse, Sheila Rudolph-Correia…and Heather Janules

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