Welcome to Small Group Ministry at Winchester Unitarian Society!

What is small group ministry?

Small group ministry at the Winchester Unitarian Society is an opportunity to get to know other members of the congregation while exploring your own unique thoughts and feelings on various topics. We call these groups Covenant Groups as each group creates and holds a covenant with each other that creates a safe and confidential space for sharing personal experience.

In small group ministry you will join with 5-9 others on a monthly basis to explore various aspects of your personal and spiritual journey. Led by a facilitator, these group meetings include an opening ritual (usually a chalice lighting and reading) a time to check in with one another on a personal level, discussion of a chosen topic, a time to check out (reflecting on the group experience,) and a closing ritual or reading.  The topics come either from the Soul Matters curriculum or they may be chosen by the group itself. Each group decides its own format and meeting schedule with most meetings occurring at the church. Some groups meet from the Fall to the Spring while others meet year-round.

Covenant Groups are ideal for those who…

* Have just discovered WUS and/or Unitarian Universalism or have been here for a while and want to experience more spiritual and personal exploration in an informal way.

* Are looking for interpersonal connections beyond Sunday morning.

* Grow through sharing their thoughts and feelings and being present to the thoughts and feelings of others. (While Covenant Groups are not “group therapy,” they are often “therapeutic.”)

* Want to deepen relationships with those they already know in the congregation.

* Find meaning through personal and spiritual exploration with others.

How to Find Out More and Join?

If you are interested, please contact Heather Janules, Parish Minister (heather.janules@winchesteruu.org) or Rebecca Kelley Morgan, Director of Lifespan Religious Education (rebecca@winchesteruu.org) to learn more or to figure out which group is right for you.

Participation is Free!