Highlights May 25, 2017

Winchester Unitarian Society
May 25, 2017
Sunday, May 28th: “And Yet I Swear This Oat” – Memorial Day
With Rev. Heather Janules
Worship Associates: Martin Newhouse

Memorial Day asks us to remember those who have died in service to our nation.
For many who give their lives, the sacrifice is not only for the nation we know but
also for the nation we strive to become. This service will take up the timeless call
for peace, will remember the dead and will honor those who pledge their loyalty to
their country despite America’s unrealized promises to all of its citizens. The
service will also conclude with a wreath-hanging ceremony at the World
War I statue at Main Street and Mystic Valley Parkway.

This Sunday, we share our gifts with Beyond the 11th, an organization founded by
two Boston-area women who lost their husbands on September 11th that supports
Afghan widows through literacy and job skills training.


Celebration Sunday is June 11th
We recognize another vibrant year in congregational life
and welcome the slower summer season with a special
Sunday including manyfun and meaningful events:

Family Worship @ 10:00 am,Meyer Chapel

Worship @ 10:30 am,Sanctuary – “The Many and the

One: Flower Communion”: Bring a flower to
symbolize what you offer community. We will create a bouquet representing
the beauty we create together and each take a different flower than the one we
brought, honoring our connections with one another. (If you forget a flower, come
anyway! We’ll have extra.) This servicewill also include a dedication of our new
Plaque, recognizing the calledministers of the Society.

Religious Education – During Religious Education time, the children willtransform
Metcalf Hall into a festive room for what comes next, which is the…

Potluck @ 11:30 am, MetcalfHall – Bring a dish to share…and yourappetite for
good food and conversation! Thanks to the Fellowship Committee formaking this
end-of-the-year tradition happen.

Community Dance @ 12:30 pm – All ages and dance talents welcome! Through
thegenerosity of the Cerny Thomases fund, we will welcome back Marcie Van
Cleeveas our caller. WUSYG will enjoy the Community Dance for an hour and
then come together for the last meeting of the year.

Come and make our community BLOOM!


Music News

Musicians Needed for Summer Services. Anyone is welcome to join the choir
which will sing afew times, or sing a solo or in a duet, trio, quartet. Those who play
the piano, guitar, violin, any instrument are also wanted. Please see our
Music Director John Kramer if you would like to participate sometime between June
18 and Sept. 3. He will have this organized by the end of May, so tell him soon what
you would like to do and what dates you will be available.

The Hymn Sing continues throughout the year on the first Tuesday of
the month at 7:15 p.m. in the Meyer Chapel. We come together simply tosing:
new hymns, old hymns, hymns from the grey and teal hymnal, hymns peoplebring
in. The possibilities are endless and it will be more fun with you there!


Religious Education
Family Worship: Please join us for this family centric, 20 minute interactive
service as we acknowledge the blessings necessary for this year’s garden to

This month, Embodiment: In our Worship services we will be exploring the theme
of embodiment, the shape of ourselves, the work we do with our hands,
therelationships we form, the physical realities of our world and ourparticipation in
Religious Education Morning: What KidsDid: In the worship service we
behearing about kids who made things happen. We will be visiting the
MemorialMonument across the street and creating a commemorative wreath to
be used in the post worship wreath laying ceremony.

Childcare for babies and tots is available in the playroom with Juanita Simms.

Afternoon Programs:
Our Whole Lives and F8th in Action have rescheduled our canoe trip to the 4th
of June. Watch the weather and cross your fingers fora dry day. Please direct any
questions to trip coordinator Fritzie Nace.

Mark your calendars

Next Religious Education Committee Meeting June, 7th 9:00 AM Michelsen
Memorial Day wreath laying, May 28th
7th & 8th graders Canoe Trip June 4th
Community Dance and end of program year celebration June 11th!

We are now enrolling for next year’s Our Whole Lives program.
“Our Whole Lives,” also known as “OWL” is a comprehensive sexuality
education program; offered to seventh and eight hgraders in a series of 22
sessions from October to April. In addition to Winchester Unitarian Society families,
OWL is open to members of the greater community, on a first come, first served
basis until our enrollment cap is reached.There is a mandatory parent’s orientation
scheduled for September 24th at 4:00 PM.

To indicate interest in your child’s participation next year, please
contact Program Director, Rebecca Kelley Morgan at The
Winchester UnitarianSociety via rebecca@winchesteruu.org
And Don’t Forget: We have a Parents Resource bookshelf in theMichelsen
Room and a Little Libraryfor children’s books outside of the Religious Education
office. These are curated for you and your family. Please borrow and return,
feel free to add anything you’d like to share with others and let us know what else
might be of interest.

GROWTH AND LEARNING: As we closeout the program year, many thanks and
appreciation to departing committee members Shelley Ziegelman, Indira Persaud
and Raym deReis.

Next Growth and Learning Meeting September 13th, 7:00 PM Michelsen Room
Looking Ahead: Winchester Unitarian Society will be hosting a
Thoreau Bicentennial Celebration this fall, as part of the Walden Woods
statewide Thoreau Read. We have many Thoreau readers among the
congregation, and we’d love to hear from you about what might be accessible and
thought provoking. Please be in touch with Rev. Heather or Rebecca Kelley


WUSYG: Winchester Unitarian Society Youth Group
Upcoming Events:
5/28:WUSYG Meeting. 4:30-6:30 pm.
6/4:WUSYG Meeting. 4:30-6:30 pm.
6/9:Screening of 13th at Sherborn UU. Evening. Exact carpool/times TBA.
6/11:WUS End of Year Celebration: service, potluck, community dance,
then WUSYGAfter Party. All Day (10:30-6:30). This will be the last WUSYG
meeting of theyear.
Please email the Director of Youth Ministries, Sam Wilson, forfurther information
about WUSYG and Youth Ministry at
WUS: sam.wilson@winchesteruu.org or WUSYouth@gmail.com
Tosubscribe to our newsletter and/or for more detailed information
aboutcontacting Sam and following him/WUSYG on social media,
please ClickHere.
Congregational News
AnnualReports Available
Theannual report is available on the Winchester Unitarian
Society website https://www.winchesteruu.org/ and copies of
the annual report are available in the office.
The Committee onShared Ministry (COSM) welcomes your input
on the second year of Rev. Heather’sministry.
As part of its charter to“monitor and nurture the health of the ministry of the
Society,” the Committeeon Shared Ministry (COSM) is charged in the bylaws of
WUS with conducting “anassessment of the work of the Minister…as part of an
annual review andrenewal of the ministry and leadership of the Society.” An
importantcomponent in COSM’s review is congregational input, and both COSM
and Rev.Heather welcome your open and honest thoughts in an online
questionnaire, availablethrough midnight of May 28th. You can click on the link in
the e-mailsent by the office or enter it: https://tinyurl.com/RevHeather2017
If you have any questions,please contact any of the members of COSM (Lee
Barton, Chair; Dave McVey;Fritzie Nace-Forcucci; Phyllis Preston)
Summer Service lead by John Loewy on August 13th
On August 13th, I plan to lead a Summer Serviceentitled: “Can we talk about Sex:
the Power, the Shame, the Spiritual”? The quotes below serve as a backdrop,
giving rise to the potential of wherethis service could take us.
“Weare all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many
peopledespise and crush this natural gift.” – MarilynMonroe
“Idon’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” – WoodyAllen
Iam looking for individuals who would like to participate through sharing areflection
about sex during this service. Thoughtful imaginationrequested, no actual sex
required! Marilyn Monroe is also quoted as havingsaid: “Its not true that I had
nothing on. I had the radio on.” LGBQ,transgender, straight men and women all
welcome! If interested pleasecontact me at my email
address: JwLoewy@comcast.net or cell phone 781-367-4073 to see if thiswould
be something you would like to explore further.
Social Action and Outreach
RacialJustice Book discussion. Monday June 12 at 10 AM. We’ll be reading
“Braiding Sweetgrass:Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the
Teachings of Plants” All are welcome. Copies will be available at Book Ends soon.
VISIT Roxbury “Treasure of the Arts”on Saturday, June 3.
Barry Gaither the Director willlead an hour tour beginning at 10:30 AM. He is an
international expert onBlack Art. Meet at the museum, 300 Walnut Ave, Roxbury.
Parking lot inrear. The program is free but space is limited and registration is
required. MarciaButman mbutman@gmail.com
“WhiteAwake,” Beloved Community and Racial Justice – joina series of public
conversations, to learn how to combat white supremacy andbuild multi-racial
beloved communities, featuring Eleanor Hancock of WhiteAwake.
Friday, June 2 – 7:00 – 9:30 PM St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 138Tremont st.
(Park St Station) FRAGRANCEFREE. Community Conversation with Betty Burkes,
Meck Groot, Eleanor Hancock, and Ulric Johnson
Saturday,June 3 – 10:00 – 5:00 PM / St. Bartholomew’s Church, 239Harvard St ,
Central Square Cambridge
WhiteAwake Workshop Thisprogram is intended for those who self-identify as
white. FRAGRANCE FREE. Growing numbers of white people want to
activelyparticipate in and contribute to racial justice from a place that is groundedin
awareness and love while being deeply aware of privilege and power withinthe
reality and history of racism in the U.S.
Saturday, June 3 – 2:00 – 5:00 PM CambridgeInsight Meditation Center, 331
Broadway, Central Square, Cambridge.“Diving into Belovedness” A circle of
communion for those whoidentify as persons of color FRAGRANCE FREE
SPACE. Please join us for tea,conversation and cultural sharing. Registration
required (space islimited) To register: Send an email to bjburkes@gmail.com
Legislative Issues. Hearings on manyof the bills supported by UU Mass Action
are being scheduled. Learnwhich bills have hearings scheduled HERE. For
detailed information on the bills yourlegislators has sponsored: HERE
We Believe in Dog
Saturday June 10th, 10 a.m.
Want to enjoy theoutdoors with your canine best
friend and folks at WUS? Rev.Heather invites anyone
who wants to go on a short hike to bring their(friendly
and vaccinated) dog and join in the fun. (You don’t
have to havea dog to participate!)
Our next walk willbe Saturday, June 10th. We will
meet at the second of three entrances tothe
Middlesex Fells on Hillcrest Parkway at 10:00 am and
start walkingaround 10:05. If you intend to come,
contact Rev. Heather
(heather.janules@winchesteruu.org) with your cell
number (ifapplicable) so she can call you if you are
not there at walking time.
Hope to see youthere…And wear your WUS t-shirt if
you have one!
Photo: Marko says “Can we start our hike now?”
“Building and Enjoying Community” –
Your Stories Needed!
June 4th is our last Vision Statement Sunday, exploring the Vision of “Building and
Enjoying Community: All newcomers and members feelwelcome, comfortable, and
appreciated for who they are. A wide variety ofprograms and activities help us
deepen our involvement in the community,discover our shared passions and
concerns, learn from our differences, andconnect across generations and all
traditional barriers.” Please send your thoughts and experiences about how WUS
lives into this vision to Rev. Heather at heather.janules@winchesteruu.org by May
26th (tomorrow).
Shopping at Amazon
Do you shop at Amazon? If you use the
link http://smile.amazon.com/ch/04-2126581 for your ordering,
Amazondonates 0.5% of the purchase price to Winchester
Unitarian Society. Bookmarkthe link and support WUS every
time you shop.
Meditation News
Meets almostevery Wednesday from 6:30 – 7:30
p.m. in the Meyer Chapel.Sitting from 6:30 to 7:00
p.m. Walking from 7:00 to 7:15 p.m. Discussion 7:15 to
7:30 p.m. Contact Ron Denhardt
(rondenhardt@gmail.com)for info.
Monday NightCandlelight Yoga
6:30 – 8:00 pm inthe Meyer Chapel
April 3 – June 19 (No class May 29th)
Find easeand flow in your body in our Spring Session of
gentle Kripalu-style yoga withteacher Jamie Sokolowski.
Jamie gentlyguides us through a flow of deep breathing
(pranayama) and body awareness, yogapostures (asanas)
leading to a final shivasana, a deeply restful integration ofthe practice. Postures
gently stretchand strengthen, enhance balance and counter patterns of daily
tension.Connecting breath and movement deepens self-awareness and enlivens
our sense ofbeing! If you have never done yoga before,or only just a bit, Jamie
gives clear guidance through a slow flow of postures,offering support as we go. If
you havemore experience, you are invited to take the postures to your own depth
ofchallenge. Ten-class ($150), 5-class($75) and drop-in ($15) options available.
Questions? Email fritzie.nace@gmail.com.
Joys, Sorrows and Transitions
If you are facing a time of joy, sorrow or transition in your life, our ministers and
the Pastoral Care Associates are available to offer a listening ear, compassionate
presence and, if applicable, resources.
Gratitude goes to Karen Erikson. A member of the Winchester community from
outside the congregation stopped by this week to make an unsolicited donation of
$100 to our pastoral care ministry in appreciation for Karen’s service and
leadership. Thank you, spontaneous donor, and thank you Karen!
You may reach the Rev. Heather Janules in the office at 781.729.0949. She
can also connect you with a Pastoral Care Associate or the Caring Network
(providing short-term, practical support like rides and meals.) To learn
more about the PCAs, pick up a brochure when you are in the church.
WoburnFood Pantry
Forthe month of May, the Woburn Food Pantry needs cereal,
hot or cold. Every month thedirector of the pantry lets us know
which items are in low supply so that ourcontributions can have
the most impact. Please place your donations in the binunder the new-andimproved
Social Action area in the Symmes Room. Foradditional information
contact Mary Saudade at msaudade@comcast.net.
Coffee Hour Refreshments
For the upcoming church year, we need volunteers to
bring refreshments for coffee hour on Sundays. Please go
tohttp://winchesteruu.org/hospitality-171.html andclick on ‘Volunteer
Sign Up Form’ to sign up, or use the sign up sheets inthe Symmes
Flower Dedications
Dates are available for flower dedications.You may dedicate
flowers in celebration of, in memory of, or in honor ofsomeone and it
will appear in the Order of Service. The cost is $45.00 (or youcan
bring your own flowers, but let the office know). Please
go to http://winchesteruu.org/hospitality-171.html and click on ‘Volunteer Sign Up
Form’ to sign up, or use the sign up sheets in the Symmes Room.
Staying Connected
For information about:
Standing CommitteeApproved Minutes
Society Members andFriends Directory
Sign ininformation for the “Members” portion of www.winchesteruu.org
Electronic Payment Options
Sunday Worship ServiceCDs and Hardcopies of the Sermons
Society Office Hours
Parish Minister’s OfficeHours
Visit the “Staying Connected” section of the”Events” page of our
website: http://winchesteruu.org/events-86.html
The deadline forall Highlights submissions: Wednesdays, 9:00 a.m. andshould go
to adminassistant@winchesteruu.org. All articlessubmitted should be no more than
250 words.
Contact Us
To contact any member of the staff at theWinchester Unitarian Society, you may
start with the Office: office@winchesteruu.org or visit the Contactpage of our
website for specific information: http://winchesteruu.org/staff-contact-us-47.html
Winchester Unitarian Society | 478 Main St. Winchester MA 01890
(781) 729-0949 | office@winchesteruu.org | www.winchesteruu.org

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