What’s a Nice Atheist Like Me Doing in a Church Like This?

What’s A Nice Atheist Like Me Doing in A Church Like This? August 6, 2017 Peter McEntee Okay, what is a nice atheist like me doing in a church like this? I’ve wrestled with this conundrum ever since signing the membership book seven years ago. Perhaps none of you are so perplexed by this, but, … Continued

You Are Witnesses of These Things (Sermon at Partner Church)

You_Are_Witnesses_of_These_Things_July_16_2017 “You are Witnesses of These Things” July 16, 2017 The Rev. Heather Janules At the Unitárius Templom in Marosvásárhely Translated from English to Hungarian by Csongvay Ágnes   READING Luke: Chapter 24, VS 36-48   36 While they were talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.”l37 They … Continued

Why We Need William James More Than Ever

Newhouse Reflection 6-18-17 The title of my talk this morning is “Why We Need William James More Than Ever.”  The title, of course, expresses my own opinion.  I hope that my remarks this morning will persuade you to give some credence to my view or, at the least, will inspire you to learn more about … Continued

“And Yet I Swear This Oath” – Memorial Day Sunday

   The Rev. Heather Janules Worship Associate: Martin Newhouse Memorial Day asks us to remember those who have died in service to our nation. For many who give their lives, the sacrifice is not only for the nation we know but also for the nation we strive to become. This service will take up the … Continued

Sacred Belonging

To whom or what do we belong? Our family trees can provide us with one narrative about where we belong, they can also leave us questioning if we belong. The feeling of being exiled from our belonging, whether from others or from inside our selves can be stunningly painful. The opportunity to find our belonging with … Continued

Building Capacity to Lead: The Questions of Authority

“’Building Capacity to Lead’: The Questions of Authority” May 7, 2017 The Rev. Heather Janules   About two weeks ago, I gathered with a small group of colleagues at a retreat center in New Hampshire for a continuing education program. We, as a collection of Unitarian Universalist ministers, came together to explore the history and … Continued

Kindness Revisited

“Kindness Revisited: ‘Reconstituting’ the World” June 19, 2016 The Rev. Heather Janules As a journalist, Mike McIntyre was used to communicating with the public. But the young people sitting in front of him was a particularly tough crowd – a class of seventh-graders in a small town in the South. The students asked their guest … Continued

Not Your Average Pastor

Not Your Average Pastor: The Universalist Christianity of the Rev. Nadia Bolz Weber The Rev. Heather Janules December 6, 2015 Winchester Unitarian Society Reading From Some Modern Beatitudes (Abridged) by the Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber[1] “Because I like to imagine Jesus here standing among us saying: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the … Continued